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The video presents the benefits of the fully automated management and traceability system based on RFID technology that was developed for STAFF, a very famous apparel brand of Greece. It is explained how the system provided by SENSAP can lead to costs reduction, an acceleration and intensification of the main processes, as well as the possibility to evaluate interoperability aspects.



Safety on construction working sites Pilot for Bridge 129 by SATA

The video presents the pilot that was developed by SATA in order to provide a solution for safety and security for Bridge 129. The pilot aims at the identification of intruders entering the building yard without physical borders, offering construction companies a new paradigm of ensuring security over construction working sites. The video draws attention also to the two main unique aspects of the pilot, as well: the necessary integration of the technologies and the outdoor environment as “unfriendly” for the technology.



Automated Document Tracking and Archiving for RETE SERVIZI by SATA

The video explains how the use of an integrated RFID system can help a company such as RETE SERVIZI to manage thousands of folders dislocated in many offices and branches. It is shown how a satisfactory RFID enabled electronic document and dossier management can be achieved that is applicable to a variety of document classifications and related handling processes.



Security Systems Pilot for Sovereign Security by SERO Solutions

Mr. Brooks, the Operation Director of Sovereign Security, shows the progress his company could make thanks to the RFID technology and NFC. With the assistance of SERO Solution, they elaborated a new concept in security operations. The video shows how an RFID system along with NFC technologies could help the daily operational aspects of security work, enabling security guards to interact with the control centre and with each other in real time to report anything suspicious or any cause for concern.



Tourist Relationship Management pilot for DUF by RFID-SPE

DUF-rejser, a travel agency specialized in youth travel, aims at ensuring an exciting trip for its young costumers, as well as their security at the same time. RFID-specialisten helped DUF to achieve this goal by implementing an integrated RFID system. The technology does not only save time during operations such as check-in and check-out but it can also provide real time data for the guides of the group, as well as for the families of the young travelers.



CABLE Trading Logistics Pilot for CABLECOM by Balkan Services

The video presents the pilot implemented for Cablecommerce, the leading cable trading and cable producing company in Bulgaria. The video shows how the storage management system and the logistics of the company can be improved by the integrated RFID system that was provided by Balkan Services. As the technology could solve a number of problems related to logistics, management of inventories and documentation, an improvement in the productivity rate is expected.



Construction of an interpreter of RFID pulses Pilot in the plastic film industry for PICDA by ALU

PICDA, a plastic film industry, needs to adapt its processes to the new era: the challenge PICDA faces is to be more competitive but at the same time more sustainable and gently with the environment, as well as in the use of resources. RFID technology is the key to achieve all these. The increased control of the plastic coils and other materials in the warehouse thanks to the RFID technology has a huge impact on the efficiency of the company, enabling better use of raw materials and less use of energy.



Intelligent Manufacturing and Manufacturing Quality Control Pilot for KOSKINIDIS by SENSAP

The use of an integrated RFID system provided by SENSAP will enable KOSKINIDIS, a company providing integrated packaging solutions, to guarantee the quality of its products and services. Namely, thanks to the use of tags and an integrated RFID system, at the end of the production process the company can have exact information on the resource usage, the stock of materials and semi-finished products, as well as the quality of the produced items.