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UK: Security Systems

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Security Systems Pilot for Sovereign Security by SERO



Sovereign Security is a security company specialising in Manned Guarding and patrols.



SERO Solutions is a wireless systems integrator based in the UK with a focus on Mobile technologies.



Security Personnel are currently regulated by a number of professional bodies. These bodies stipulate certain processes and procedures that a security company and its guards must adhere to. This includes an initial site assessment and the completion of documentation related to the assessment, requirements for the security guard themselves, and als operational and day-to-day requirements of the job.

The main purposes of the pilot are to:

  • Increase the efficiency and competitiveness of Sovereign Security;
  • Allow Sovereign to give their customers real time information on their activity and adherence to the service level agreements;
  • Enable security guards to collaborate;
  • Enable proactive management – i.e., action based upon alerts of non-compliance.



The above mentioned procedures and processes result in numerous documents and much time taken by security personnel to fill out and complete this documentation.

In addition, the operational requirements of the security detail of a site or event management entails that security guards are present at certain locations at a specific time and place. They are also required to document incidents and report anything suspicious or cause for concern. This information is often required to be sent back in real time to a control centre which manages multiple sites for a location or event.

It is envisaged that a RFID system along with NFC technologies will help the daily operational aspects of security work. This includes using passive RFID/NFC tags which contain the location of an area within a site, which can be used by a security guard to validate their location at a given time.

NFC technology is a short range wireless technology which can transmit data at high speeds up to 424Kbps, over short distances, e.g., around 10cm. NFC is compatible with contact less technology and is based on RFID.



It is envisaged that additional passive tags will be used in the operational elements associated with access control in a site to give a real time inventory of all personnel on a site which is required for health and safety reasons. Passive tags in conjunction with the mobile internet will also be used in the initial assessment of a site or event to reduce the manual procedures and paper based documentation generated on a site.

The solution will be deployed across a number of client sites where Sovereign holds the contracts to supply security services, this will involve assigning tags and security guards using their phones to touch the tags across the different sites.




From an operational viewpoint, passive tags will be used to assist in the recording of incidents and driving an incident through a lifecycle of its management.

Technology used:

  • Net based Infrastructure – 3 Tier Architecture
  • Cutom Built Solution with a web based administration panel
  • J2ME Mobile Client with NFC API functionality

The benefits of using RFID / NFC are that the solution will enable the provision of real time data, to a control room.

This will allow the control room to take appropriate action based upon an event in the field. It will also assist the security guard by reducing the amount of paper based record keeping that they need to maintain. Both of these aspects will result in general efficiencies enabled by RFID and reduce long term operating costs.

From a cost perspective, costs are often incurred through poor operational procedure compliance. Using RFID, these costs will be reduced as a result of the enforcement of processes using electronic tagging and the provision of real time data.

The RFID solution will also help the SME security provider to ensure compliance with the processes stipulated by their regulatory body, and provide greater visibility of their operational activities.

The SME will also be able to provide electronic time sheets to prove the attendance of their guards in a certain location.

The solution will enable the SME to maintain electronic records of incidents and their management of incidents in order to comply with agreements and contracts associated with security guarding and events management.