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D8.1 Dissemination and Sustainability Plans

A report detailing the dissemination of RFID-ROI-SME scientific results, while also establishing the steps required to investigate and realize the sustainability of the RFID-ROI-SME pilots. Actions targeting SMEs specific dissemination are also included.


D8.2 Final Report on SME Dissemination Activities

A report on the overall dissemination activities that were performed during the project life-time focusing on SMEs, in which the varied dissemination material produced for promoting the project is presented in detail and the dissemination activities performed via the various communication channels are discussed one by one, both in case of the Europe-wide and the national dissemination.


D8.3 Catalogue of Blueprints, Best Practices and Implementation Patterns

A set of guidelines, resulting from the experiences of the eight pilot projects deployed in the framework of the RFID-ROI-SME, provided for the successful investment and implementation of the RFID technology.


D8.5 Marketing Plans

The marketing plans of the SME associations that participate in the RFID-ROI-SME project, reporting on the activities that the associations will undertake (after the end of the project) in order to disseminate and promote the main results of the project, especially in terms of case studies, best practices, blueprint and lessons learnt.