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D7.1 Evaluation methodology, metrics and tools

A report on the methodlogy (along with tools, techniques, indicators) used to evaluate the various pilots.


D7.2 Per Sector Evaluation Reports

A report on the technical and usability evaluation of the eight pilots of the RFID-ROI-SME project, providing also a per-sector analysis for the manufacturing, logistics and service sectors.


D7.3 ROI Studies for RFID-ROI-SME Pilots

The evaluation of the eight RFID-ROI-SME pilots from a financial and economic perspective, using popular financial models such as Return-on-Investment (ROI), Net-Present-Value (NPV) and Internal-Rate-of-Return (IRR).


D7.4 Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessments

A report on the privacy and data protection impact assessments of the eight applications, that have been integrated and deployed as part of the project.


Report on the experiences from the use of the EU Framework for Privacy Impact Assessments of RFID Applications