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Cablecommerce Ltd

CABLECOMMERCE LTD is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria specialized in trading cables, conductors, cable accessories, electrical materials and equipment. Establishing and maintaining an effective and market-oriented management system are the company’s main goals, just as the ongoing improvement of customer service and meeting customers’ extending requirements by keeping stocks of a wide range of products (cables, electrical equipment and materials), operating a distribution network in the country and owing up-to-date means of transportation.

Dansk Ungdomsferie ApS (DUF)

Dansk Ungdomsferie, founded in 1982, is a Danish travel agent specialized in youth charter destinations in Spain and Bulgaria. Their main activities include arrangements of events, excursions and sports on the destination.

Bridge 129 Safety and Security (Bridge 129)

Bridge 129 offers on the edge solutions for intelligence and industrial vision, focusing on the safety of man and environment, the prevention against real and high-impact risks and the optimization of the resources of the industrial production processes. It designs, develops and deploys systems for smart control for the industry, the infrastructures and the services, which also need to comply with regulations and the highest quality standards.


Styl. S. Koskinidis S.A. has a long tradition in the field of folding carton-making and lithography. The Koskinidis Company has a leading position in the area of Graphic Art. The company’s approach is characterized by its strong customer-oriented philosophy, providing integrated packaging solutions tailor-made for the customer’s needs.

Plásticos Industriales y Comerciales de Alfarrasí, S. L. (PICDA)

PICDA Company (Spain) is one of the European leaders in manufacturing plastic bags. The main raw material is polythene. Its production is basis on three different processes: extrusion, printing and converting.The products made by the company are: flexi-loop bags, patch handle bags, punch out handle bags, vest bags, bloc bags, garbage rolls, automatic packaging film, courier plastic envelopes, ICAO security bags for airports, Industrial sacks, suit bags, etc.


The STAFF Jean Store is the flagship store of STAFF Jean & Co. The retail store resells STAFF Jeans products, which is nowadays the leading company in the Greek market of denim apparel. The products of the company are exported to more than 10 European countries. Following the directions of the modern shopping culture abroad, the Staff Jeans store assembles all those elements needed to transform shopping into an amusing, fulfilling experience.

Sovereign Cosmetics limited (SOVEREIGN SECURITY)

Sovereign Security is a Security Industry Approved Contractor providing professional security services to clients throughout the UK. Their interactive web based technology allows clients to change shift patterns and track incidents, first aid incidents and lost property. They provide security services on industrial estates, in retail parks, offices, factories and at universities, as well as for events which require security services.

Rete Servizi srl (RETE)

Rete Servizi srl (Italy), founded in 2007, is a solid service provider made up of highly qualified consultants, who are specifically trained to assist SMEs in bookkeeping and tax related issues. Furthermore, the company provides consultancy in corporate administration and offers online solutions for the management of corporate bookkeeping. During the lifetime of the RFID-ROI-SME project, Rete Servizi srl (Italy) has been replaced by CNA Modena.

C.N.A. Servizi Modena

During the lifetime of the RFID-ROI-SME project, CNA Servizi Modena has replaced Rete Servizi srl and CNA Milan, thus contributing to the project both as a SME association and an end-user. CNA Servizi Modena s.c.a r.l. offers services to about 9000 enterprises associated to CNA Modena, the association that carries out the function of representation of interests and collective protection of artisans and SMEs in the province of Modena. Their services cover, among others, interpretation of legislation, technical standards, quality, new business consulting, business and management training.