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The main goal of RFID-ROI-SME is to boost the adoption of RFID technology by wide SME communities, while at the same time creating business opportunities for innovative RFID solution providers within the EU. The aim is to demonstrate tangible benefits of RFID technology across many different sectors and business cases. These benefits will then be disseminated to wider SME communities in the form of case studies, best practices and blueprints. To this end, the project will integrate, deploy, organize and coordinate eight RFID pilots in six European countries (including one international pilot) covering different sectors.


Nature of the Pilots 

In general, the pilots will address the individual needs of the end-user SMEs of the consortium, which will be the recipients of the benefits of each solution. Moreover, the pilots will be deployed by SME RFID solution providers, i.e., based on a concept where SMEs deploy for SMEs. Hence, the project will boost SMEs across the full value chain of RFID technology and solutions.

Each pilot deployment will become operational for SME end-users for a minimum of twelve months. The scope of the trials covers use cases and scenarios focusing on selecting business processes of the RFID end-users. Each trial will emphasize few, yet critical business scenarios, where RFID can provide value. Hence, the scope of each pilot will target a clear demonstration of the business value of RFID technology. It does not target a full coverage of all the processes of the SMEs. We envisage that end-user SMEs that will experience tangible business value in their RFID deployments will endeavour to extend the pilot based on subsequent development (following the end of the project).

Note also that both end-users and RFID solution providers will invest in and concentrate on both process automation (e.g., as a result of RFID/AutoID deployment) and business process reengineering (in which cases processes will be redesigned based on the RFID technology). Beyond conventional deployments, special attention will be paid to innovative business cases with a view to maximizing the pilot ROI.